Tasty, Homemade Chive Vinegar

Tasty, Homemade Chive Vinegar

Homemade Chive Vinegar is not only easy to make, it’s tasty and the color is pretty darned impressive, too!

Many of us grow chives in our garden because they’re so easy to grow and produce an abundance of cute purple flowers.

But, how many of us actually use those flowers?

Sure, we’ll pick the chives and add them to recipes, salads, etc. But, unfortunately, the flowers just go to waste.

Well – no more! 

Here’s how to use those cure little flowers to made a garnet-colored, chive-infused vinegar to use as-is, or to include in your salad dressing recipes.

The best part is – it’s super easy to make!

Start with enough chive flowers to fill the jar you want to use.

Be sure you use JUST the flowers and that you clean them well (bugs like to live there).

We like to cover the flowers with water and wait for any bugs to float to the top and then remove them. Swish the flowers around a bit and give it a little time. Then drain well and put the flowers in a sterile jar.

Cover the flowers with plain white vinegar. Seal the jar and place it in a cool, dry place for 14 days. 

We just put it in our pantry.

After the 14 days, strain out the chive flowers using a fine mesh sieve.

Then filter the chive vinegar again to remove the tiny bits that the fine mesh sieve didn’t get.

We just put a folded paper towel in a funnel and pour the vinegar, into a sterile jar, through the paper towel. 

The paper towel should catch any leftover bits the sieve missed.

And that’s it!

Voila! You have a garnet-colored, chive-infused vinegar to use as-is or in your favorite salad dressing recipes.

And, of course, this is healthy AND vegan!

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