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Yes, this is going to be a post about poop. I know this can be a touchy subject, but it’s also important.
I’ve found, through personal experience as well as research, that women seem to have more trouble with constipation than men.


As I said, I have personal experience with this. Most of my life, and particularly during my pregnancies, I have been prone to constipation – sometimes very bad and very painful.
My usual way of handling it was to either ignore it and hope it didn’t last too long or to resort to some kind of laxative.
Oddly, for a while, I didn’t think that what I was eating, or not eating, was causing the problem. I figured that was just the way I was.

Whole Food Plant-Based Diet

Enter our new, whole food plant-based diet.
Along with other positive results, I am noticing that I am now regular – very regular.

How Often Should You Poop?

I read somewhere that, if you eat three times a day, then you should poop three times a day and thinking that was just nuts. If I pooped once a day, I considered myself lucky.
Often, I didn’t start to worry until three or four days had passed without a bowel movement. At that point I would think about bran, prunes or a laxative.
During my pregnancies, at my doctor’s suggestion, I made my before bed snack a bunch of bran mixed into a couple of tablespoons of honey. I also tried to increase my water intake to help the bran work.

Happily Regular

However, now, with our plant-based diet, I am so regular that I frequently have two or three bowel movements a day.
Yes, you heard me right. And none of them are difficult.
This just has to be so much better than waste staying in my system – sometimes for several days!
I’m sure this has helped me to lose weight and feel better, too. And I’m so glad that I’m not carrying around accumulated, probably toxic, waste somewhere in my body.

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