Our First BLT in a Very Long Time – Relax – It’s Vegan!

We love being vegan/vegetarian. Truly. But there times when we miss some of the old tastes.

One of those was bacon. Yes, we miss the taste, but we certainly don’t miss the animal cruelty that happens in order to make bacon.

So, until now, we’ve just avoided bacon.

But, what if you can have the “taste” of bacon without ever harming a pig?

What? You may ask. Do you use to make Vegan “bacon”?

Believe it or not – banana peels! Yes, you heard that right – BANANA PEELS.

And here’s how we did it.

We used a recipe. from LifeHacker and made just a couple of tweaks:

  • we didn’t have any brown sugar, so we substituted molasses
  • we didn’t have any garlic powder, so we substituted minced garlic

Aside from that, we followed the recipe pretty closely.

Here’s a few pics of the process:

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