How to Prepare Beets

There often seems to be some confusion on how to prepare beets for cooking.

And – if you don’t do them the right way – we’ll you can end up with some pretty red water and some very pale beets.

You see, if you poke them while cooking (to see if they’re done), they’ll “bleed”. Likewise, if you cut the tops and roots completely off, they’ll “bleed” then, too.

Fresh from the garden beets are always best, complete with their tops, which, by the way, are also edible.

Always be sure to save the beet greens. They’re tasty and really, really good for you!

Prep the beets by cutting off the greens and most of the roots.

But – don’t cut too much off!

Leave a little of the stems on top of the beets and a little of the roots at the bottom.

These beets are ready for cooking.

Notice how much stem and root is left.

Leaving this much will prevent your beets from “bleeding” while they cook.

Once the beets are cooked, you’ll need to remove the skins.

This is best done while they are still warm/hot.

Cut away the extra bits of stem and root that were left on for cooking.

Once you’ve peeled the beets – and trust me, you’ll have red hands when you’re finished – you end up with these shiny little gems.

You can eat cooked beets hot or cold.

To freeze beets, leave the smaller ones whole and slice the larger ones.

Lay them flat on a baking sheet to freeze.

Once frozen, you can package them in ziplock plastic bags and return them to the freezer.

And, don’t forget the beet greens!

Clean them really well, remove the tough center stalk (usually red), and use them like you would spinach.

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