How to Keep Your Celery Crisp

Keeping your celery crisp.

There are all kinds of opinions out there about how to effectively keep celery crisp, right to the last stalk.

Some people say to stand it in water, others say to totally immerse it in water. I’ve found, if you don’t use it up pretty quickly, you’ll end up with slimy or split celery.

Other people say to leave it in it’s plastic sleeve from the store. I’ve found that it goes limp pretty quickly this way.

Still others say wrap it in paper towel, and then tin foil.

I’ve tried all of these, however, the one that I find works best for me is to do the following:

  • Break each stalk off and rinse well
  • Do not dry
  • Place two or three sections of paper towel in the bottom of an appropriately-sized plastic container
  • Cut the still damp/slightly wet celery to fit into the container
  • Cover with a tight-fitting lid and refrigerate

Using this method, I’ve found that the celery will stay crisp for up to two weeks and I just use it as I need it.

You’ll notice that the paper towel stays damp the entire time. I’m pretty sure that’s what helps to keep the celery crisp, without it getting soggy.

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